Actor’s diet

If you’re offered a choice: lose weight lose weight quickly or slowly – what do you choose? Of course, the first version. Who likes to torture himself to death, to deny the favorite foods for a long time? Yes, and I want to look slim at once, after a couple of days rather than weeks. It is a rapid weight loss diet promises acting: 4 kg for 4 days.

However, choosing the fast weight loss technique, few people think that weight loss is fraught with negative consequences for health, whether it be acting or any other diet. And also that it is impossible in principle for such a short time: whatever you get after torturing themselves trimmed a diet is to get rid of the fluid in the body (1 kg), intestinal contents (1 kg), as well as the loss of lean body mass (muscle cell walls), but not fat.

actors-dietLet’s take a closer look at what the actor’s diet and how it is so dangerous to health.

Acting diet for 4 days

Many believe that if there are quick diets, so they help. And she checks their effect on himself. No exception and the actor’s diet for 4 days, which represents a simple sequence of different mono-diet.

The creators acting diet claim that being overweight increases the tone the body goes through this procedure. The whole essence of the diet – to severely restrict, due to which you can use, not all products, and not in any combination. Combining the product can only 2 per day at the most. As a result, it created not only starvation, but a deficit of important vitamins, macro- and microelements, fats. The body begins to feel the exhaustion from lack of calories and nutrients.

Fast diet consists of the discharge of the day, milk, fruit and protein. It is logical that the name of each day form the products that are approved for use on a particular day. In addition, limited consumption of water and that the assurances of the creators of the diet, promotes the “dryness” of the body and more effective weight loss.

Unfortunately, lack of fluid and dehydration leads to the truth, but it’s too dangerous condition, with its help you can lose weight. Moreover, sooner or later you will still need to return to the diet of the water, and with it come back and all the previous volumes.

Authors diet honestly warn of possible “side effects” of this austere diet: the appearance of weakness, nausea, dizziness, heartburn, sleep disorders, allergies. Is it worth risking your health? It’s all the symptoms of a serious disorder in the body, which may have to be treated in hospital.

What can you eat during this diet? A small list of products, including: wild rice, dairy products (kefir, yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese), dietary meat (turkey, chicken, rabbit, veal), fresh fruit. Drink diet creators are allowed only water (and then only in limited quantities), green tea, tomato and orange juices.

You can not eat sugar, salt, spices. Portions of food intake should be very small.

To have a complete picture of what it looks like actor diet (reviews from those who have tried it, you can read below), must be considered and its menu.

Actor’s Diet – Menu

On the first day, you can eat rice and tomato juice. Moreover, it is desirable to give preference to one thing.

On the second day you can eat dairy products, but choose from a list of two. yogurt and cottage cheese usually selected.

On the third day used protein: boiled meat rabbit, chicken, veal. It is important that prepares a dish without salt and aromatic spices.

Only fruits can be eaten on the last day: apples, pears, peaches, apricots – a choice of 2 types of fruit. To avoid stomach upset, you need to eat fruit in moderation.

So, what are our conclusions about the actor’s diet? It can not be attributed to a healthy diet, as well as the embodiment of the right diet, which implies a gradual reduction in caloric intake, balanced nutrition, water and vitamin balance.

Acting on slimming diet requires to limit fluid intake, which contradicts the norms of a healthy weight loss. All this leads to the depletion of the body, the appearance of a number of problems, which subsequently can result in serious illness. The sharp restriction of diet leads to such a situation: after the return to the previous menu, the weight is not only back, but also greatly increased as a result of myocardial stress.

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