Children’s Computer Vision Syndrome

We are always proud of the fact that our children are friends as well and understand better than us with the latest technology. However, not all parents realize that too long looking at the computer monitor and the tablet, even if the screen is the newest latest model is for children’s eyes a certain risk: poor concentration, blurred vision, headache.

All these symptoms can affect the future negative impact on their education and general health in general. How to these children that spread computer vision syndrome to cope? That’s about it and tell the Health Blog in this publication.

childrens-computer-vision-syndromeHow to keep your child from harm vision monitors?

We offer you six simple steps that will help to reduce the harmful effect on the child’s eyes high-tech.

Undergo regular vision test

It is important that your baby was a beautiful sight, and that check, which takes place in kindergartens and schools are not able to fully identify potential problems, and therefore for help, it is best to consult a doctor-ophthalmologist. Usually, the first test of baby eyes is assigned when a child 6 months, then in front of a kindergarten in 3 years, and then regularly every year.

Set a rule for the child – 20/20/20

In order to avoid fatigue symptoms baby eyes, you need to set a rule for it called “20/20/20” – this should be done so that every 20 minutes a child take his eyes away from the monitor and watched 20 seconds on what may be the subject of which is a 20 pounds of him – a distance of 6 meters.

Take care about the lighting in the room

Misuse and poor lighting also contribute to eye fatigue. Ceiling bright light should be minimal, but the desk lamp should not shine in the face and on the table. It is necessary that the computer monitor is not reflected extraneous light sources or natural from a window or artificial.

Limit your time sitting at the computer

Keep track of how much the child is sitting in front of screen, and limit his time. In general, children up to two of years old is not recommended to be given in the hands of digital technology, the older children have to sit behind the monitor on the day of no more than two hours. Also watch out for symptoms of eye fatigue: rubbing the eyes, pain in the neck and back pain, the pain of the head and so on.

Keep your distance while running

Remember that the closer to the eyes is the object, the eyes work harder. Therefore, let the child follows the rule “Harmon distance” that is, from the hand to the first knuckle.

Walk in the street

Distract the child from the computer and walk better with him on the street. Games and just a walk in the fresh air is very useful not only for health, but also for the prevention of myopia in children. But do not forget, causing him and myself too sunscreen and wear sunglasses.

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