Hair tips splits: description, causes, treatment

In fact, everyone knows this annoying problem with hair like posechennye tips, especially those with long hair. This phenomenon can be compared with the nail delamination, although the hair compared with a nail, and vulnerable to all sekutsja malomalskoy hazards that result in disruption and overdrying of hair structure.

Causes section hair ends

There are two groups of causes, which can determine why the tips of the hair whipped:

  • I group – the aggressive influence of low and high temperatures, UV rays, chemicals, the use of curling irons, hot blow-dry, alcohol-based agents, combing wet hair;
  • Group II – internal disorders that are associated with improper metabolism, poor diet, lack of trace elements and vitamins, exhaustion. Often hair whipped in pregnant women, sitting on a diet, smoking, depression, and stress, heavy physical labor.

hair-tips-splits-description-causes-treatmentTreatment of split ends

Well, first of all, we should understand that already dissected back the tips do not stick together, and therefore, they should be in the process of treatment or at the end of their treatment cut off. In this case, the result of your labors will be seen. Also be aware that it is necessary to use not only all kinds of medicinal ointments, lotions and masks, but also the need to change and lifestyle, quit bad habits, improper diet change, to take the necessary trace elements and vitamins and so on.

Treatment popular means of split ends

We have already mentioned that the methods and ways of hair treatment are the same as in cosmetics, and in folk medicine. But it is precisely with regard to my grandmother’s recipes (this is purely my opinion) they are more efficient and, at least, will not bring harm. 
First of all, the treatment should be to strengthen and improve the blood supply to the hair follicles. To do this, use a warming mask and scalp massage to take toxic substances and enhance the nutrition of hair.

Very well to massage special massage brush, comb the hair starting from the roots and the entire length. First, carefully combing each strand so hair does not get confused, and then lightly pressing, massage the scalp, until the blood will be poured into the hair roots and the heat is felt.

To improve and strengthen the blood supply can be used warming agents such as peppermint tincture or mustard. They need to be applied to the scalp and gently rub. After each mask should wrap up his head for emphasis.

Then you should pick up the funds directly to the hair tissue. To this end suitable for hair conditioners and masks that are applied mainly after washing to wet hair.

And the last point in the treatment – is to improve the nutrition of hair through your diet by administering vitamin and trace elements and complete food. It should be noted that the state of health of the hair and vitamins positive effect in the group of manganese, silicon, zinc and other minerals.

Cosmetic masks

The funds, which are sold in beauty salons and pharmacies are distinguished by their performance. Manufacturers such cosmetic treatment agents tend to make them so that the active substance masks quickly absorbed into the scalp and hair structure itself. Beauticians are advised to use a series of tools of the same brand: shampoos, conditioners masks, styling products and so on. Then certain substances will be absorbed quickly and act.

Before selecting a certain series of resources for care, should know and identify the problem, due to which hair is to look bad . This can help the doctor – trichologist. After the specialist will tell you exactly what your hair is not enough, and even advise, you can purchase and use the products and techniques that will help to quickly restore hair structure.

Homemade masks

In my grandmother’s councils is recommended before washing the head ends of hair impregnated with olive oil or burdock. That treatment was more intense, then it is necessary to rub into the scalp infusion of peppermint, burdock oil is applied to the entire length of the hair and then ukat head warm scarf, hold on so about 30 minutes. Then wash your head well.

Houses for masks can take almost all of the products , which are: cream, bread, eggs, beer, juices. The main thing that they were all without preservatives. In order to better absorb the nutrients you need to apply a mask is best to clean hair.

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