Why is nicotine – the enemy of your beauty?

Nicotine, as well as the abundant sunshine and nervous life, adds extra years to your appearance. At that moment, when you only once breathed acrid smoke, more than a million molecules of free radicals released into the lung tissue. The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract with sore gain views. A huge number of molecules of free radicals and lack of oxygen in the blood leads to the fact that the skin loses its elasticity and moisture, it is becoming dehydrated. Change the color and quality of the skin – the result of toxins and irritants in tobacco smoke.

why-is-nicotine-the-enemy-of-your-beautyNicotine reduces collagen in the skin layer

Cigarettes contain more than four thousand different toxins and irritants. Many of them are released into the bloodstream and thus relatively easy to get to the skin. Under the influence of these substances are small blood vessels begin to narrow. After only one smoked cigarette blood vessels may be tapered for approximately half an hour! This reduces the concentration of oxygen in the skin, and then to reduce the amount of collagen. Skin cells become more sensitive and begin to lose moisture. Skin gradually loses its ability to regenerate.

Nicotine makes the skin thinner

The facial skin in smokers tend to be thinner due to poor blood circulation, and hence malnutrition. This proves scientists study in which 25 pairs of adult identical twins were involved. One of them was a smoker with the experience, and the other had never picked up a cigarette. Each of the test using the ultrasonic method studied density skin on the inner side of the arm. It was found that the skin of 25% of smokers compared to thinner skin smoking. Some pairs of difference even reached 40%.

Nicotine adversely affects the shape

Smoking causes an imbalance of hormones in the body, with the result that can be bad for your waist and hips. Some people start smoking in the hope to lose weight, or at least no longer has to grow fat, not even suspecting that cigarette smoke accelerates the metabolism and thus has a strong effect on the endocrine system – in the glands that secrete hormones. Weight loss in this case is a negative consequence and can bring a constant hormonal imbalance.

Features of “smoker’s face”

• The elasticity of the skin is reduced, resulting in facial wrinkles appear earlier than non-smokers: the most treacherous folds formed around the upper and lower lips, around the eyes, on the cheeks and along the lower jaw. 
• Grey skin tone. 
• Facial bones become more visible and stronger stick out.

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