Zayed in the corners of your mouth: description, causes, treatment

In the life of every human being for once there was such a sick and uncomfortable situation when in the corners of the mouth appear small cracks, not only spoiling the aesthetic appearance of the person but life itself. Such cracks in the corners of the mouth are called binding. In medicine, this pathology is called – Angulo.

Such perleches may be in the form of cracks, bubbles and other erosion lesions in the mouth. This pathology often brings discomfort to man: the itch, bleed, pain, burning and so on. People with Zayed should know that this is not just a cosmetic problem, but also a sign of disease.

zayed-in-the-corners-of-your-mouth-description-causes-treatmentMost people suggest that this disease is mainly a problem child. All this is due to the fact that they say kids do not wash their hands often lick the lips, often fall out of his mouth in the mouth candy, in a word does not comply with hygiene. But this is not true: even adults can often suffer Zayed than children.

It is worth noting that Angulo mostly occurs in people suffering from diabetes, iron deficiency, lack of vitamins of group B, in violation of the immune defense.

Causes of Zayed

This pathology suggests that humans are not all normal health and, therefore, the immune system is faltering. Most often perleches appear due to an infection. Separated Zayed infectious agents at the following type:

  • Strep – first in the corner of his mouth formed a bubble, then it bursts, turning in the erosion that eventually becomes crusty. When the crust is removed, it is visible on the surface of bleeding days. Often in the middle of this erosion is crack. This type Zayed appear most often in children;
  • Candida – the cause of this type are yeasts. Appears red erosion with a shiny surface, sometimes it is tight white bloom easily erasable. This kind Zayed differs from the previous lack of cake and jelly-like cracks. The pathology occurs in children and in adults with long-term immunosuppression. This form of the disease may be of chronic form.

In rare cases perleches at the mouth can occur in those who have malocclusion, when the corners of the mouth and the deep folds of skin there is bad “breathes” and is constantly wet.

Zayed Treatment

Regardless of the type of disease emergence treatment performed by a physician. First of all, it makes Zayed analysis to identify the cause of its occurrence. Once appointed the necessary medicines. In any case, treatment is carried out in a complex with the use of external agents such as antiseptics, systemic medications like antibiotics and antifungals, as well as immunostimulatory medications and tonic. Therapy always take place individually.

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