Five Sports For A Family With Teenagers

Sport is an important part of a healthy life. In addition to helping to control weight, it is an escape route for stress and a way to strengthen the bonds of bonding between the families when they all practice the same activity.

Five sports for a family with teenagers

One of the concerns of parents as children grow older is distant- cement. In adolescence, kids are looking for their own identity and for this they tend to be more independent and want to spend less time with their family. A good formula for maintaining those ties without discussion is to organize activities that can be practiced in family and that are liked by all. Sport is a great alternative.

Organizing sports activities for the whole family will serve to promote healthy living habits, improve the general health of all and also allow a pleasant time.

In general terms, it will be necessary to look for activities that can be carried out in one or two hours at most and that do not require an additional effort for the adolescent. If you are old enough to leave, planning something that requires getting up soon is a sure failure, for example.

Five Sports For A Family With TeenagersThese are five recommendations.


A classic that does not usually fail and that can adapt to the needs of each day. If there is time, you can choose field routes that require a displacement and otherwise, it will suffice to cover the case and take the bike to do an urban tour that does not have to exceed the hour or hour and a half.

In addition, it is an ideal excuse to organize weekend getaways.


Running fever is more integrated into parents than into children, but running around with family is a great activity. If you think it will be difficult to convince your child, try using a family test or a specific career as an incentive. As you train and prepare you will have plenty of time to ‘catch’ the bug.

Tennis, paddle or pediment

The possibility of playing in pairs makes this sport ideal for families with two children. The only drawback at this point is that you will have to rent a track and it is more fun as you increase the level of the participants. In addition, the difference in level among family members can be a problem.

Hiking and climbing

These activities require a little more time for the trips and are therefore ideal to carry out on alternate weekends, for example. The contact with nature and the possibility of enjoying breathtaking views will be a great incentive. In addition, the ability to register routes and buy them with previous ones through the mobile and free applications makes it even easier to get hooked.


An excellent alternative that will also help calm the mood of the whole family. Yoga enhances balance, flexibility and psychomotor development. It also helps improve concentration and relax.

In the gym with a monitor and even at home, it is an ideal sport to practice at any time, for example to close the day or to start a Saturday or a Sunday.

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