Hair, How Can We Eliminate Frizz?

It is said that our business card is hands and hair and something of the truth is in it. When you see someone with well-groomed and beautiful hair he immediately thinks he must be a person who cares (it is not always so, but often). Although sometimes we try our hair seems to have no remedy and be indomitable. The frizz makes many women end up with nerves trying to get control your mane. Especially in those crazy days in which there are sudden changes in time and from a radiant sun to rain and humidity that makes our hair more “wild” than ever.

And summer is not usually the best ally for our mane with the combination of sea salt, wind; sun … our hair suffers a fairly strong aggression at this time of year. How can we solve it?  We just have to take a few precautions to get tanned hair … or at least keep it at bay!

5 anti-frizz strategies

1. Glycerin shampoo.

Glycerin Shampoo

Do not use any shampoo. Before you buy one, look at the top of the list of glycerin ingredients, as it penetrates the hair and provides hydration from the inside. It also protects it by creating an “outer layer”, as if it would cover the hair.

2. Masks and conditioners.

Coconut oil for hair

It is essential to maintain a care of our hair in the same way that we do with the skin of the face. Sometimes a shampoo and conditioner may not be enough to keep it in order, especially if there is a tendency to frizz. In these cases, what does our hair need urgently and continuously? Well the same as the skin, hydration and nutrition. For this it is best to use masks that moisturize in depth and are nutritious, especially those that are intended for damaged and fragile hair.

They can be used on damp hair, applying it for a few minutes immediately after the shampoo. Although it is also very good to use it before washing our hair with shampoo, either with dry or wet hair.

You also have to remember that the longer you let yourself act the more effective the product will be. In fact, the ideal thing is to keep the mask overnight and wash it with glycerin shampoo in the morning. In this case you have to remember that you should wrap your hair with a shower cap or towel so as not to dirty the pillow case when sleeping.

Do you prefer natural products? Moisten the hair with water and apply a poultice composed of natural oils.

Hair, How Can We Eliminate Frizz?3. SOS of keratin.

Keratin for frizz

The keratin is a filamentous protein found in the amino acid residues of the cysteine, and is one of the essential elements forming our hairs. The keratin keeps the water in the hair, thus achieving an adequate level of hydration. If the keratin that we have is not in condition is when the hair looks dry, and damaged, which is usually known as frizz.

Nowadays the most advanced keratin treatments manage to reconstruct the keratin of our hair and restore this balance, giving back to the hair all the essential amino acids and essential oils that you need to look healthy and hydrated.

This “rejuvenation “effect can last from 2 to 5 months, depending on the structure of the hair. The price can vary from site to site, even if it is between 100 and 350 euros per session. But you have to be very careful and make sure you do not get a chemical treatment. Please ask first and check that the treatment is not based on formaldehyde, a substance on the list of carcinogens by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer).

4. The steam iron.

Steam iron

This type of iron is equipped with a small reservoir in which are inserted the liquids that we want our hair to absorb, such as specific styling products, nutritional and / or restorative products, or simply distilled water. Ideal for hair with frizz.

In the market they are available with several brands and prices, from professionals to those who offer a “domestic use”.

The truth is that it gives very good results even in those days of humidity and airs that so scare people with frizz.

5. Eye to brush.

Brush hawk bristles frizz hair

The choice of brush is crucial to combat frizz. Avoid using plastic brushes and choose those that have wild boar bristles or are made of wood.

Another trick? Better not brush your hair when wet, or at least try to be as sensitive as possible. Remember that if you do it right after washing the hair tends to break more easily!

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