Tips And Remedies To Deal With Sweating

Sweat is essential to eliminate waste (acids, urea, mineral salts …) and regulate body temperature. Helps protect skin; Sebum and sweat is the hydrolipidic mantle of our skin. The bad thing is when we sweat more than normal, that is, it is estimated that if we perspire every day about 500 ml of sweat we have to face it.

Increased temperatures threaten the physiological thermoregulation capacity of the body, especially if we are also exposed to high humidity or lack of ventilation in addition to excess heat.

What happens in these cases? Apart from the possible health risks, especially in patients with heart disorders, the body begins to produce an excess of sweat that can affect entire areas of the body or localized in especially sensitive areas such as armpits or Forehead, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

Hyperhidrosis, that is to say, excessive sweating, could also be indicating a sign of another underlying disease such as diabetes, endocarditis, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, reactions to certain medications, anxiety attacks, etc. That’s why I insist that you go to a doctor to see the cause of the sweating.

Anyway, we can follow a number of basic rules to try to avoid this excess sweat in the body.

Tips And Remedies To Deal With SweatingPay attention to the clothes.

Silk dress, sweat

The rule of thumb is to always dress in several layers. Thus we will be prepared for every change of temperature as for example when we move from the outside to an interior with air conditioning.

Another point to consider is the fabrics we choose. We must avoid synthetic clothing because it does not let the skin breathe; it reheats the body and does not allow the natural evaporation of sweat. What can we use? The natural fibers of silk are ideal, or if flax and cotton, lightweight and breathable. These tissues help to regulate body temperature, maintaining constant temperature levels and absorbing moisture.

The same thing happens with wool in winter, it is able to isolate the body and protect it from frost.

Nutrition / hydration:

Moisturizing food and drink

I am always talking about the importance of eating well, healthy and balanced. And again I do to address this issue. Decanting for fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants and water is best for fighting heat and sweat. Although it may seem that if we drink more sweat more is very important to compensate for the losses of fluids that are sweating. That is why it is very important to hydrate well and choose foods that hydrate us, and better if they are at room temperature, not cold.

Although it also gives green light to healthy juices, shakes or drinks it is worth remembering that we should not choose juices already prepared but make them us, or drinks with gas or sugared. These excess drinks can lead to the appearance of kidney stones. This is confirmed by a study by researchers at Harvard University in Boston (USA), which was published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

You should also restrict the consumption of beverages such as beer, spirits and coffee. Although you can think of beer that is refreshing, reality is a myth. These beverages favor diuresis, and therefore, dehydration. So even if we can be refreshing when we take it then it dehydrates us.

Also be careful about hygiene.

Home remedy, sweat

Although it is a general rule, even more in summer we must keep at bay the bacteria and odors of our body. Especially in areas where there is hair.

The ideal is to remove hair and use antibacterial soaps. In the armpits, for example, after the shower we can use vinegar or lemon juice to do scrubs. This will eliminate bad odors and reduce the amount of sweat.

If you leave home do not hesitate to take with you hygiene wipes to use as soon as you need.

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