4 Tips To Get Your Dream And Do Sport

Everyone can find a physical activity that allows them to enjoy and improve their health, but sometimes we are stuck or forced into a gym or exercise routine that does not just fill us.

Until two years ago I thought that I had already tried all the right options for me as far as sport is concerned, until two years ago I discovered running. Running is something very easy to do (although it has its technique), and does not require a complex equipment, maybe this made me try to prove it with my partner.

Today is a special day because I managed to complete my half marathon in USA.

4 Tips To Get Your Dream And Do SportOne of the most gratifying experiences I have experienced, rather than the physical sensation felt to bring the body to a higher level, the emotional pride of being able to set that difficult challenge for me and fulfill.

And how does the body stay when it is able to give the best of oneself and struggle to overcome adversity?

Well in this case, GREAT. And that’s how I felt!

Running has been a tool for cultivating my discipline and being consistent with the welfare philosophy I preach. It has helped to ease my mind, shape my body and boost my health.

What started as a moderate form of exercise to reduce weight or be in better shape, has led me to get something bigger for me. And what have been the ingredients without which you could not have achieved this goal? Here I leave you:

1. Follow the plan:

If there is one thing that has been instrumental in my mid-marathon success has been to have a plan. To know in advance those three days a week I had to run, the pace of the race and the duration of the training. This allowed me to make progress and have more resistance almost without realizing it.

So, to start with any sports activity you need to have a plan in mind. Design it or ask for help for it, it’s worth it, you’ll see how everything becomes more possible!

2. Be constant:

Consistency is the key to success in any area of ​​life that you analyze. If you want a medication to take effect, you have to take it regularly, if you want to pass a career you have to study day by day, if you want to develop a muscle you know that you will not be worth doing pushups a day or two.

At first it is hard to assume that every day you will have to make an effort, although the desire does not always accompany you, but it is necessary to stick to the plan and fulfill it, give it reserved space in the agenda, say no to other things and leave even though the time is not Be the right one;).

 3. Progressive Being:

To achieve my goal one of the strategies that worked was to start with ridiculous goals of time, until I reached the frequency with progressive increases that allowed me to advance at a more pace.

Emotionally the explanation that favors acting is that the amygdala (emotional center of fear) is not blocked by a very large goal, seeing that the daily goals are acceptable, and physically we give the body time to be coupled to a greater sustained effort, day after day. In the end, once the habit is generated you will do it as if nothing.

4. Enjoy and Do not Decay

On occasion we are going to flail in our plan perhaps as a defense mechanism of the body when you are tired or need to change routine. When this happens to you, allow yourself to rest and continue the next day as if nothing.

The key to achieving your goal is to learn from falling, to mature, to reaffirm your desire to be better and to fight for what you want: to be healthier!

One trick to get back on relapses is to evoke that enjoyment of the days that we were faithful to our plan, why that goal was so important or if we could offer that effort for someone / something beyond ourselves.

Have a healthy purpose and remember it every day, use some structure, photograph or reminder motto. Stick to a plan of action and even if you do not achieve everything very fast, you will achieve success if you enjoy what you do and you do not give up!

Do you have any sports challenges already under way? What tools do you use to advance your goal?

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