Goal Number One After Christmas: Be Selfish!

“The first thing I did when I got home on Friday was to read my health goals. After a few seconds of vision loss, with a visit to the hospital included, the doctor had warned me that I should change my lifestyle as soon as possible: reduce stress, do some exercise and watch my sugar (not counting my tension that was going Like my stock market shares, going up and down, it’s time to take my health seriously, I told myself!! “

So I found Miguel, a client who wanted to live healthier but could not fit his health goals into reality. He always talked about it, dreamed about it and thought that someday he could take care of himself more, lose weight, stop smoking and manage his stress, but this thought had always been an idea of ​​the future. Now I needed to apply it to his real life. “

Unfortunately many people do not think about taking care of themselves until their body alerts them with some unpleasant symptom, stops them suddenly or an illness is triggered.

Goal Number One After Christmas Be SelfishAt this point of the year, healthy lives (gym, yoga, diets, etc.) can be proposed with determination. But as the days go by, it is common for an inner little voice to hammer our head that life is not for us.

During the sessions with my clients, I have been able to identify several ways in which this imaginary little voice (although with health effects), can become the main obstacle to reach the goals that are longing to have more energy and Health. Learning to identify the obstacles can be overcome one by one, and silence those voices so destructive forever.

And one of the main obstacles I observe is laziness. I do not say it always is, but the people who are busier are usually the laziest with respect to improving their health habits. I recently read in a personal development article that “being too busy” can be a strategy to avoid the things that we really want to achieve and I saw it with a lot of sense.

If I stay busy, without time for myself, I can avoid facing some of the things I would need to do to improve my health, such as exercise, improve my diet, go to a group of mindfulness.

And what is the cure for so much laziness?

This is something simple that I remembered in the headline of this post. Selfishness, yes, a little selfishness!

But … was not selfishness so bad?

Thinking about oneself too much is bad. An excess of anything in life can lead you to feel bad, but the fact is that even if we do not express it, we would like to attend to ourselves first, to do new or exciting things for us. Whether it’s pointing us to ballroom dancing, taking out our diving card or going out with a group to walk.

Unfortunately we have been educated with the belief that thinking about ourselves is bad and selfish, and we must suppress our healthier desires to give way to priority: Guilt is the first responsible for feeding laziness.

To take care of one is to be selfish and to consume that time to be more in the office, to hold inconsequential conversations or to consume news, the decision is sure. Everything remains the same.

In many cases you end up feeling that life is already too busy to be able to make changes and find the way to our healthier self.

But it turns out that when we stop saying “I have a lot to do and I cannot change my life,” and we begin to think of “I want to leave this vicious circle and find a way to take care of myself to be better” laziness that keeps us so busy, begins to be consumed.

It’s time to be a bit selfish; it’s time to take care!

For this I propose an easy exercise. Make a list of things you would like to do to be healthier. Do not cut yourself thinking that you do not have time or you will not be able to attend your obligations. Be honest with yourself:


When your list is complete, evaluate and prioritize. Do not ask yourself if you can complete your list, but how you are going to start doing what you want.

Choose a single purpose per month and start with something simple, a habit or ritual, points out the result you expect to see in your health from that change within 3 months.

This new perspective will help you feel with a stronger mind and a more dynamic spirit, to get rid of laziness.

Overcoming the laziness, the next obstacle that I observe in my clients more frequently to change is the fear. Fear is one of the loudest voices in our interior when we are going to try something new. It prevents us from not being able to sustain a certain challenge, from being ridiculous, from failing again.

Are you afraid to change any aspect of your health? Are you interested in knowing how to deal with this obstacle?

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