5 Very Easy Dessert Recipes

A good dessert is the perfect end to any meal, whether it’s a day’s diary or whether it’s a holiday. If you are one of those who believe that cooking desserts is an impossible mission because of your inexperience, I have decided to convince you otherwise with these suggestions.

Cooking can be very easy if you give the right recipe. All these recipes that I’m going to propose today have a common denominator: they are easy and specially thought for inexperienced. At the same time they are so rich and showy, that with them you could look the best chefs.

You get a very classic recipe like this fast cracker pudding (recipe here) . It is prepared without a water bath. To prepare it you will have to caramelize a mold and then make a pudding with milk, cream of cream (half cream) and sugar, to which you add cookies and, once crushed, leave it in the caramelized mold to cool. It is as easy as I tell you and the result will assure you that it is spectacular. You have a  videorecorder  to make it very easy to prepare it.

5 Very Easy Dessert RecipesWe suggest preparing some  pools of strawberries and yogurt (recipe here) . A dessert or snack to cool off in summer. It is prepared by grinding strawberries with natural yogurt and adding honey. Once thoroughly mixed, this cream is placed in ice cream molds and stored in the freezer until frozen. Then you just have to unmold and enjoy them. Kids love it!

We propose some delicious Custard with peach rose (recipe here). They are prepared with peaches or rolled peaches, which are sprinkled with peach liqueur and sugar. They are allowed to macerate. Fill some cups with pastry cream and decorate with the peach leaves forming roses and sprinkle with nuts and a little sugar. A very simple recipe with an impeccable presentation.

From the blog smells good!  I’ll bring you this Avocado Cream (recipe here) . First you must prepare a few cups by melting chocolate cover and place it in plastic cups spreading the chocolate well inside and let it cool in the refrigerator. Once you have prepared the container in which you will serve, prepare the cream of avocado. To do this, grind the peeled avocados with sugar, lemon and orange juice and yogurt. Then pour this preparation into the chocolate cups and decorations with pistachios and chocolate. To the freezer and dessert ready!

And to finish, I’ll leave you a dessert very simple as is the Cream flan or cream of milk (recipe here). It is prepared by pouring in a caramelized mold a mixture prepared with milk, eggs, sugar and cream of milk. It is cooked in the microwave and allowed to cool. Once it is very cold, you unmold it and serve it. Very simple and delicious. You also have videorecorder to make it a child’s play.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection and that you are encouraged to prepare these simple and colorful desserts. When you begin, you will see that you are encouraged to overcome the difficulties of other more complex elaborations.

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